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that looks like one hell of a fire. :(

Glad I went last year.

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Oh my. My tour Paris hof in 4 weeks or so. Guess that will be off our tour

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CNN news footage indicates the fire is on the roof over the main part of the cathedral. There appears to be scaffolding on the roof area where the fire is, and renovation work may have contributed to the start of the fire.

At the moment I don’t see any firefighting efforts or water streams. Fortunately they have a good source of water right next to the cathedral. It’s going to be difficult to get hose lines up there so Helicopter buckets would be one option.

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This is heartbreaking. I hope everyone is safe and the damage minimal.

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Latest is they're trying to get firefighters and boats to the area.

Paris is in tears

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I hope no one was injured! So sad for the city, and especially with Easter services next week.

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So heartbreaking. I just saw this and thinking of the beautiful stained glass and the history. We’ve visited it a few times and I’m in tears right now.

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A friend of mine who's a local journalist is on the scene and says that one firefighter (at least) is gravely injured.

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There is another thread titled Fire at Notre Dame in Paris. More replies there likely as this and that thread are posted one minute apart. Just wanted those here to know there was more response to this topic