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Financial proof question for schengen visa application at French consulate in NYC?

Dear guys,
I am a Vietnamese citizen currently living in the US. I am planning on getting my Schengen visa from the France consulate in NYC. I am thinking of traveling to Europe for a month this July. The problem is for my financial proof, I do not have income tax return or any pay stub for I am doing an unpaid internship. However, I have a saving of around $5000 for this trip. Do you think it will be sufficient for me to prove my financial ability to travel to Europe for a month? Do you have any advice for me in this case? Thank you guys so so much! This trip really means a lot to me! Thank you

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None of us here - as far as I know - are immigration experts, certainly not immigration to France experts.

In that case, none of us will know the answer to your question. So none of us in in the position of being able to advise you.

Have you considered going to the horse's mouth and asking the French Consulate before you start filling out your paperwork - or more even if you have already started.

Or I am sure that NYC is full of qualified immigration lawyers, some of whom will specialise in France. You could ask one of them, but the answer I would tend to believe the most would be the French Consulate.

Do they have a phone number or email address?

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According to the NYC French Consulate website ( need all of the following:

Proof that you have at least 100 U.S.Dollars per day for each day you will stay in the Schengen countries.
To be submitted in the following forms:
1) an up-to-date letter from your employer in the U.S.A mentioning your annual salary, stating that your requested time of absence has been approved and confirming your continued employment on your return (+ 1 copy)
2) AND your last 3 paystubs (+ 1 copy)
3) AND your last 3 monthly bank statements in US currency Internet printed copies are not accepted (+ 1 copy)
°°°° if your financial means are not sufficient, you may also provide a notarized letter from your sponsor stating he/she will be responsible for all your expenses and a proof of his/her financial means (+ 1 copy). "

Unless you have a sponsor in France it doesn't appear that you qualify of a visa:(