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Feedback & finishing touch 5-day July restaurant itinerary Paris


I've already asked quite some questions here but am now truly finishing our 5-day restaurant itinerary for Paris.

Background: Foodies from Belgium. Adventurous eaters and willing to splurge on restaurants, with budget no issue.
We eat and like everything but search for restaurants that are less available to us and are unique in some sense.
Being Belgian, we have access to prime quality French type cuisine (we went to both 3-starred Michelins in Belgium) so it has to be special if we do that in Paris.
We like exotic, ethnic, foreign, unique, creative cuisines. We like restaurants that are amongst the worlds-best or offer an experience that is unique or very special or innovative or very authentic.

Our best experiences were the wild playground of Barcelona (Tickets, Disfrutar, ... ), the world-class foreign options in London (Gymkhana, HKK, ...) or the exquisite refinedness and local kitchen of Rome (La Pergola, offal cuisine in Checchino Dal 1887)

However, We are wary of overdoing it, not binging dinner after dinner (too much) and keeping up variety. While we can eat a lot and walk 20km+ a day in city trips, we would like to avoid being overstuffed/boozed.

Finally, we are a big fan of tasting menus and accompanying beverage pairing.

Our itinerary is almost complete. However, we are open for suggestions, things you would change in either restaurant or pacing, or advice for the restaurants in question. Also, what we are undecided for is which Japanese option we will go for (further discussed below).
The itinerary for now is:

Monday, Dinner: L'Arpege (King of Vegetables & 3* is pretty unique)

Tuesday, Dinner: Authentic Japanese

Wednesday, Dinner: Yam’Tcha (unique French/Chinese Fusion)

Thursday, Dinner: Le Chateaubriand

Friday, Lunch (can only go during lunch): Clown Bar

For the Japanese, we are not huge fans of pure sushi tasting menu's, preferring a more kaiseki style japanese. We have our eyes on Aida, Okuda, Yen, Komatsubaki, Sushi-B, but are unsure what the 'best' japanese restaurant in Paris inline with our preferences would be.

So, what does the community think? I will certainly come back with a trip report, if so desired!

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