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Favorite thing you've visited on Heritage Days in Paris?

I've been in Paris once for Heritage Days. I visited Luxembourg Palace one day and the Presidential Palace the next, plus a few other, unplanned, places that were open when I walked by (Supreme Court of Commerce was one).

I'm considering going back to Paris this September and including Heritage Days. What were your favorite sights, that aren't normally open to the public, for Heritage Days?



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I went to the Luxembourg too. I also went to the Hotel de Ville (another wow) and the Assemblée Nationale, also opulent and stunning, lovely courtyards and of course the auditorium (and dome!) where they sit. When I went, photos were permitted in both, but not in the Luxembourg. I went into the Russian Embassy, like you just walkin' by. The building is beautiful and they had a special exhibition for the occasion on the Romanovs, with lots of Faberge jewels (yes, eggs too).

I might have skipped the Hotel de Ville, but I got there around 4 pm and there wasn't a line to speak of.

Lucky you, twice!!

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When I went to Luxembourg I arrived early and got through quickly - which made me think I was a little overly concerned with lines. The next days I arrived at the Presidential Palace about 9:30, they cut the line off shortly after me and I wasn't through until nearly 5. It pays to arrive early at the big sights.