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Experience cancelling or rescheduling with Air France

We have a safari in East Africa in late July and purchased two sets of tickets, one from the USA to London. We plan to spend time in England before and after our safari.

The second set of tickets is from London to East Africa with Air France. We are considering cancelling or rescheduling our safari. We have to decide before late April. It would help if Air France allows us to cancel or reschedule.

Does anyone have any experience with canceling or rescheduling with Air France due to the coronavirus?

I had no trouble changing my Air France reservation on line. There was a very small extra charge 4.80€ or so, but nothing else. Good luck with your trip. I have used Air France for years and have never been disappointed.

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No experience, but the common sense recommendation right now is do not act at this time. You are talking about travel 4 months out, people are trying to get through to airlines about travel next week and having to wait hours. You have time.

I would spend some time on Air Frances website, they will issue guidance as to what routes they are relaxing cancellation policies on, London to Africa may not be on that list yet, but as things get worse in the UK, it will be. That will be the time to cancel.

One thing that is not maybe clear, that may be critical, did you book this leg separately directly with Air France? Or did you book through a Partner Airline or Third Party (Expedia, Cheapo Air)? Point being, your cancellation may need to start with the entity you booked with.

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Since you have until late April, I strongly suggest holding off until that time. Who could imagined even a month ago where we are today? I think time is your friend here, not your enemy. Wait and see what happens next before making big financial decisions.

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Thanks, I plan to hold off on contacting them until June. Their policies on cancelling or rescheduling are fair and may be extended into July.