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Europcar Return at Calais Ferry Terminal

During an upcoming trip to France our plan is to collect a car in Versailles and return it at the ferry terminal in Calais before jumping on the boat to Dover. I've read some reviews on Trip Advisor that suggest that the process is a bit confusing, ie poor signage directing you to parking, difficulty finding the rental car return desk itself, and a drawn out process for returning the vehicle once there, etc.
Has anyone on the forum done this recently (or ever) and who perhaps can provide some insight regarding just how complicated or straightforward the process really is? Tx.

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I can't comment on where to return the car, but personally if I wanted to get to London I wouldn't start at Calais.
I doubt the car hire office is in the docks, so it probably needs a taxi to the docks, then your ferry, then a taxi to Dover station, then your train to London.
My personal choice would be to drop of the car at Lille Europe station. Multiple car offices there. Then get a Eurostar train from there to London (through the Channel Tunnel).
Train timetable is here (see page 2 for Lille trains):
Trains roughly every2 hours, takes only 1½ hours to London.

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Thanks, but taking the ferry across is a given for us. We're in no hurry to make our way to London that day, plus my wife wants to see the White Cliffs from the water ... which means that I want to see them as well.
There's a rental car return in the terminal - of that I'm sure. My specific question has to with the process of returning the car and continuing on our way to walk aboard the ferry. There a couple of old forum strings on TA that make it sound like it could be more complicated than I originally assumed. Just looking for recent experience from anyone who may have already done this.

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How did it turn out, Robert? Any advice for people following in your footsteps?

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Hello Nigel, after all the research I finally decided that returning the car at the Calais terminal and working our way back to London from there was just too much of an ordeal - at least for this trip. Instead we decided to follow ChrisF's advice and have booked the Eurostar to/from Lille, which turned out to be much more convenient for our purposes ... plus it leaves us time to explore London rather than devoting most of the day to travel.