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Entry requirements for Canadians


I am going in circles trying to figure out what’s needed for fully vaccinated Canadians to enter, travel within and get access to various venues in France. I believe they consider us an orange country right now.

I can’t tell if we will need a pass sanitaire, tousanticovid app, sworn statement and/or other. I have read online about going to a pharmacy upon landing for some kind of pass, but the info is conflicting

Thanks in advance.

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The Tous Covid app contains the Passe Sanitaire. Non Europeans go to participating pharmacies to get their CDC Card (US), etc., converted into the Passe Sanitaire (which is then uploaded to the app). Just like if you take a PCR/Antigen test in France, results are uploaded by the pharmacy to the Tous Covid app as well.

Any person aged 12 and over entering French territory must present a negative PCR or antigen test less than 24 or 48 hours old, depending on the country of origin.
The measures applicable to fully vaccinated adults will be extended under the same conditions to minors accompanying them, regardless of vaccination status. Minors less than 12 years of age are exempted from showing a test.

From any Orange country:
2) You wish to enter Metropolitan France
2.1. Movement regulations
If already vaccinated, you are under no restrictions when entering Metropolitan France.

If unvaccinated, you must give a compelling reason to be allowed to enter Metropolitan France. The tentative list of compelling reasons features on the certificate of entry into metropolitan France that can be downloaded below.
In France, marriage is a compelling reason for entry into the country according to the prevailing health measures. It is up to the third-country national to check whether he/she should apply for a visa to enter France for this purpose. In this respect, the applicant may request a short-stay visa, or a long-stay visa, if he/she is also eligible for any of the reasons, under the conditions laid down in Articles L. 312-2 to L. 312-4 of the Code on the Entry and Residence of Foreigners, and the Right of Asylum. It is up to the applicant to confirm the type of visa required in his/her case on the " France visa external link "

Travel certificate to Metropolitan France :
2.2. Health control measures
If already vaccinated, you shall provide evidence of your vaccination status, a sworn statement certifying the absence of COVID-19 symptoms and of any contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19, as well as results of a virological (PCR) or antigen screening test taken less than 48 hours prior to departure that did not detect any COVID-19 contamination, in order to enter Metropolitan France.

If unvaccinated, you must present the transport company and the border authorities with results of a virological (PCR) or antigen biological screening test taken less than 48 hours prior to departure that did not detect any COVID-19 contamination, in order to enter Metropolitan France.

The departure of the first flight is considered in case of connecting flight(s). Children under 12 years of age are exempt from testing.

Depending on your country of origin, you may be subject to screening on arrival, for which you will be requested to facilitate the administrative formalities by completing the form available at the following address: external link

You must equally provide:

A sworn statement certifying the absence of COVID-19 symptoms and of any contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19;
A sworn statement that you shall take an antigen or biological screening test upon arrival in Metropolitan France;
A sworn statement that you shall self-isolate for a period of seven day and another sworn statement to take a virological (PCR) screening test at the end of the isolation period.

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To enter France from Canada, you must be vaccinated (initial shots) and receive either a PCR or Antigen test 48 hours before your first embarkation point. Complete any forms given you by your air carrier.

To enter cafés, restaurants, museums, concerts, or travel on non-local trains, you must be fully vaccinated (3 shots). Take your documentation information to almost any pharmacy. For 36€, the pharmacy will issue you QR codes which contain your vaccination information. If you like, you many download the TousAntiCovid app and scan the codes into the app. Having the required information on your mobile phone makes it very easy to provide the information to those who request it.

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Thank you, everyone, for your help.

skunklet1771, that link to the Ministry of European Affairs is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks very much.
I haven’t decided on an airline yet (promised myself never again to Air Canada), but appreciate the suggestion to check those websites. Was hoping to fly again with Air France, but if we have to keep masks on and can’t eat or drink, I am not sure it matters so much.

Here’s hoping that some of these requirements are eased a bit by spring...

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Tocard provided the info on what a Canadian needs to enter France/get on the plane to France - to be vaccinated, and to have a negative PCR test that is within 48 hours of one's departure to France (or an antigen test that measures for the "n" protein). And to sign the sworn statement, which the airline will provide you if you don't have it already .

For the whole write-up from the French government (in English), see this website. As you can see from the map, Canada is considered an orange/amber country by France. The sworn statement is available here, should you choose to print it ahead of time.

(Tocard also concisely provided the info on what you need when you are in the country to acquire your pass vaccinal for going into restaurants, museums, taking long-distance trains, flights, etc)

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You can eat or drink, that hasn't changed.

Just that you keep your mask on for the whole flight, and only take it down when taking a sip or taking a bite.