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Entering France via land from Spain

My family and I are planning on doing a norther Spain/Basque Country trip. We are toying with the idea of touring some of the French Basque Country as well. Traveling via land from a ‘Green’ country (Spain), are there any COVID restrictions at the boarder? My family and I are considered unvaccinated for COVID-19.

I know there is a boarder checkpoint leaving San Sebastián into France, but there are some roads without official checkpoints. Did the French government set up temporary checkpoints all along the border?

Thank you!!!

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I cross this border at this place regularly via the highway (twice this week). At the Biriatou toll booth, just at the border, there are always random gendarmerie checks on the French side (when coming from Spain) but these checks are intended for illegal immigration or customs problems. You have a one in a thousand chance of being stopped there if you are not in the categories targeted by these checks.
About The others roads I don't know.

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Some friends of our crossed into France in May and had no problems. One regular poster who lives in Logroño crosses the border frequently and has never been stopped.