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Emily in Paris sites

I recently watched 'Emily in Paris' with my adult daughter. I will be staying in the Latin Quarter and wondered if anyone has visited location sites (e.g. the area where her apartment is located?) I know, young adult touristy thing to do. However, I will be staying in the area where I think it was filmed and I want to stay outdoors to help with jet lag.

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There are several online articles listing Emily film sites. Just look up Emily in Paris film sites. France Hotel Guide has 25 sites on an interactive map.

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"Emily's building" and "Gabriel's restaurant" are right by the Pantheon and 10 min from the Luxembourg Gardens: really a minor side trip in a Latin Quarter sightseeing itinerary. It is a cute square, too, so definitely not a waste of time!
As it turns out, I used to eat quite regularly at that restaurant years ago: it's an OK Italian place that would fit in a student budget (at the time), but I would not seek it out these days.

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"Emily's building" and "Gabriel's restaurant" are right by the Pantheon

At the Place de l´Estrapade. An Estrapade was, many years ago, an instrument of torture. I imagine that the Place de l´Estrapade was not always a very happy place for some.

The Boulangerie Moderne is also here, as are several cafés where EIP scenes were filmed.

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I’d be discreet

In June I saw a sign on the side of a building in big letters that said “ Emily fans not welcome.”

I assume the building was in the series. (I’ve never watched so I don’t have a clue)

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Carol, so sad to hear about the sign. Evidently some tourists are not behaving well in these folks' neighborhood. I will certainly try to be polite, discrete and honor their privacy. I planned on going to see the Pantheon anyway and just to see the apt location and the restaurant and take a quick pic for my daughter sounds like a good arrival day walk for me.

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My adult daughter and I watched all 3 seasons and loved it! We had walked past the places mentioned just to see, which was cool. The place we really loved was the park where Emily and Mindy met (and often hung out.) It's just steps away from the Louvre and is a beautiful, tranquil reprieve from the hustle of Paris. It's called Jardin du Palais Royal. Enjoy your visit!

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I would love to visit that garden where often hang out! Will visit the day we go to the Louvre. Thanks for letting us know the name of it.