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Since you have not listed your needs, difficult for us to determine if it will work.

As long as you are only plugging in small electrical devices like laptops and cell phones it will work fine.

it will NOT handle hair dryers, curling irons, or anything drawing significant current. It also does not convert 220V Euro current to 120V US if you have devices requiring conversion.

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You want a plug adaptor to fit the two round pins and the example in the second link works but is a bit more elaborate than most. I buy them in luggage stores, Target, and always have several with me. Not a voltage adaptor which is need for curling irons, etc..

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Thanks all for the replies. My wife's hair appliances are dual voltage, which I believe should work with this adapter. Just to double check, has anyone charged iPhones with this without issue. I'm trying to determine if I need an iPhone-specific adapter available only from apple.


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When in France recently, i bought a dual usb charger in the supermarket for E14.00 It saved worrying about adaptors.
It all depends on what you are charging but this allowed our iPad(s) and phones(s) to be easily charged overnight, and or on the train. I now have this for next holiday. And don't stress if you leave your adaptor at some place. International (US) adaptors to EU where available at stores in france like Monprix. Several of our accomodations, had adapters available already, our Perfect Paris Apartment even made sure we have sufficient for our stay when checking in. regards

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It would help if you could provide more information on the types of appliances you plan to travel with in France. You'll need to check the "Input Voltage" requirements on each device to ensure they're rated to operate from 100-240 VAC.

You'll likely only need inexpensive Plug Adaptors for travel in France. You could also use something like THESE models. The model you linked above will work but note that it does not provide a grounded connection. If any of the devices is grounded, you'll need the three pin Adaptors.

I wouldn't recommend using Voltage Converters as the cheaper ones can damage some appliances.

Regarding iPhones the standard charger will work just fine in Europe with a simple two pin Plug Adaptor. You can also use a multi-port USB travel charger if you'll be taking several devices of that type.

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France is gradually converting to a grounded socket. The ground is created by a tine that protrudes from the wall socket and fits into a hole in your plug adapter. There is a photo here, under 'France':

Some of the old two-prong adapters won't fit the new sockets because of the protruding ground.

Those clever-looking combo adapters sometimes have a fold-out piece of plastic that provides no ground protection at all.

I've had no trouble using a hair dryer that can be set for French current, but it only runs on low. It's easier to use the dryer which many hotels now provide. e-mail ahead if you want to be sure. If you carry several gizmos needing recharge, a short extension cord with a plug adapter can be useful.

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Consider not bringing a hairdryer. It's been a few years since we've been to France, but it seems that hair dryers are part of the usual ammenities in European hotels.

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Unless your wife has long or thick hair, she will probably be fine with the hair dryer available at 99% of the lodgings in Europe (my stats: stayed in over 120 mostly budget-level lodgings, had hair dryer in 119). Folks with lots of hair do complain that some of the hotel dryers are slower than what they use at home. On the other hand, hair dryers are quite bulky; better to leave that space empty for possible purchases in Europe.