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Eiffel Tower tickets online

I am planning to buy advance Eiffel Tower tickets from the official site online for early July. I have read several posts about buying tickets online, and I'm confused. I've read many posts that say tickets sell out within seconds or minutes of going on sale three months ahead. But I see many times still available for most of the days currently on sale--and these days/times have been on sale for days or weeks. Am I looking at the wrong site? I have been looking at Also, it looks like the site is only selling tickets for times between 11:00 am and 5:30 pm, even though the Tower is open much longer. Does anyone have insight as to why? Are the early morning and night times sold to the tour operators and to those who wait in line the day of? I would appreciate any help.

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There are definitely more Eiffel Tower tix available now after all the terrorist activities.

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I have heard that the reason they are selling tickets only until 5:30 has something to do with the Euro Cup. We purchased tickets for late June and that was the case. If you can go after July 10th(the end of the tournament) perhaps they will be taking later times.

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Hi sis, that's the correct site. I'm just guessing, but I bet there's a greater demand for tickets in July than in March or April. I'd get the tickets 90 days in advance if I could.

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When we bought for last October the tickets for our day were gone in the first hour; we did get tickets for 8:30. I don't know why they aren't doing evening tickets right now.

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The site only offers a certain amount of online tickets and for only a set amount of time. Sometimes the latest is 17:30 and others are 20:00. Also, at certain times they will be at every 30 minutes or only on the hour. You are correct, you can still purchase tickets on site throughout the day and evening.