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Eiffel Tower Tickets--Help!

My wife and I will be in Paris in early April 2020 and ascending the ET is something we want to do. For a few months now, I've being making practice tickets buying runs. The procedure has been the same, until a couple--three weeks ago:

1) The latest tickets available for purchase have normally been two months from the current date, i.e., the date of attempted purchase.
2) At that two months out date, most times slots are available, excepting times from about 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM, which seem to be always sold out.

Lately though, the furthest out date has been consistently January 12, 2020 and, strangely, I have been able to "book" times in early January several times. It seems those should have sold out long ago, based on my experiences to date and based on comments from others in this forum. I did find one web site that said tickets will go on sale on January 1 for periods from February 1 through April 30. The one month to four month sale period would be a huge change from previous practice of two months in advance and I find nothing like that mentioned on the official ET site. Has anyone successfully bought tickets recently? Any ideas or information as to what is going on? Is it goblins in the electronic ether?

FWIW, I always empty my cart after "success" and I always erase the ET cookies.

Note: Edited to delete an erroneous date.

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It's possible that changes to either the price or the ticketing procedure is coming after Jan 12. Best advice here has always been to purchase as soon as they go on sale for your date - that's usually been at 12:00 midnight (Paris time) 90 days before your date. Things may have changed or may be going to change.

It's possible someone has more recent experience or knows why you can't purchase past Jan 12.

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I think that theory makes sense i.e. more changes coming including price changes. The most recent change was to make the lead time 60 days which is has been for months after a period when it was chaotic and random. They also increased the number of tickets sold on line and that lead to uncharacteristic long waits for those with reservations. Management of tourist sites including museums in Paris is generally pretty dreadful leaving people in the lurch as those with Museum Passes at the Louvre earlier this year or confused about when to buy as with the Eiffel Tower over the past year or two.

Only thing you can do is look every day until you are successful.

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I’m in Paris now. We went to the summit today. I did not buy tickets months in advance, because I wanted to see what the weather would be. A week ago, I checked the weather and decided we’d go to the Tower today. When I went online, no tickets for the summit were available. Only the second floor. So I figured we would risk it and buy tickets at the base. On Saturday, I checked again and tickets were available. So I bought them! But the line to buy tickets wasn’t very long.

I’m not sure if they release more tickets, or what happened. But one day none were available and a few days later multiple slots were open. Just keep checking.