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Eiffel Tower Tickets--Difficulties and Advice

So...I have been doing dry runs for purchasing Eiffel Tower tickets and I have not been having success. Specifically, I get the tickets into my cart, then select "validate" and--POOF--the cart goes empty. Although I have time yet--our trip isn't until early April--I finally decided to get help from the ET website. They advised switching to a different browser and it WORKED! Of course, I didn't actually finalize the purchase of the tickets, since the dates I want aren't yet available, but, hey, at least they stayed in my cart! Here's hoping I don't find a new difficulty when finalizing the actual purchase in early February.

BTW, Google Chrome is my everyday browser, but it took switching to Microsoft Edge to make the ticket purchase process (seem) to work.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to y'all!

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For February, particularly early February, I would not pre-purchase tickets. You risk having purchased tickets for a no visibility/rainy day. I would just go when it is clear and the experience will be more meaningful.

For visits May through September, I would definitely purchase tickets in advance.

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Tocard... the OP is going in April. I’d still get advanced tickets.
I also had difficulty getting the website to complete my order. My difficulty was with adding my phone number. I followed the format but kept getting an error message. I kept trying and something finally clicked and it worked.
Have a good trip.

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Your are right Diane, I mistakenly took February as the travel date, but even early April, there is a lot of rain in Paris then, often it is still very cold, and the crowds do not really start to swell until May. I would not pre-purchase ET tickets for an early April visit. Just pick a relatively clear day during your stay and go then.