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Walk up!


No reservations needed, much cheaper, good exercise.

You can take rests and enjoy the view on the way up.

At least one of the 4 corners has this. Look for the Very short line.

My daughter considers me to be a senior citizen with the gray hair to match, and she urged me to walk up the first 2 levels, which we did together. Breath-taking but fun!

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Once you get to the 2nd level, you can buy tickets at a booth to go all the way to the top. After you get your tickets, get in the line for the elevators, and wait your turn.

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You can no longer buy tickets on the second level, so if you want to walk up, buy the elevator to the top when you buy your walking ticket. They sell a combo ticket -- it is about 7 Euro to walk to level 2 and for an additional 6, they will sell a ticket from two to 3. They used to sell tickets to the top on the second floor but that is no longer possible.