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Eiffel Tower tickets

The Eiffel Tower official website shows sold out for March or half of April. This conflicts with the same website that says tickets don't go on sale until 60 days prior to. This is conflicting information and supposedly not on sale for April but shows some dates are sold out already.
Are there any reputable third party sites to book this through?

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When you get within 60 days of your trip you can check again. Sometimes they show as sold out when they are not available. You can call them to check if you want to be sure. I've never had a problem booking on their website but you can also walk up and get tickets the day of if you prefer. I just like having them in hand before I head over.

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We recently heard that Louvre reservations should open on Feb 1 for visits in March and suspect that it will be the same for the Eiffel Tower.

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With as much inclement weather as there is in March and April, I would not purchase ET tickets in advance for these months. Lines have not been that long for some time and tourism will unlikely be fully recovered by even this summer.

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you can also walk into a FNAC store and purchase tickets

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On the website it appears March is available but the top of the tower is closed for refurbishments for a month in April.

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ah bummer -- finally getting to take our 12 year old granddaughter this April and the Eiffel Tower top is closed and of course no climbing the tower of Notre Dame as we did with her mother at this age.

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We're visiting Paris in July, so we obviously missed the two month ticket window. What's the best way to get Eiffel Tower tickets now? How easy is it to get walk-up, day-of tickets? Are there reputable third-party tour outfits with tickets for sale?

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