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Eiffel Tower tickets

I tried to buy tickets online at to summit of Eiffel Tower for July 2016. Tickets are available only through April to the summit, but tickets are available for July to the 2 levels. Taking my grandsons to the summit is a must! Any explanation why summit tickets are not available? Will they be? Please advise.

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If tickets are available to the 2nd level, grab them! Many people complain that no tickets are ever available.

I've never done it, but others say you get your ticket to the third level once you are on the second level. Also, suppose it's cloudy at the third level the day you go--you'd stop at the second anyway. Hopefully, someone who has gone to the top will come along and answer you better.

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Generally tickets go on sale 90 days out so I am not sure why July tickets would be available but if you can get them grab them.

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We obtained our Eiffel Tower tickets by purchasing a package that included an evening boat cruise on the Seine. Tickets to the top of the Tower were included, and we had a great guide who shared information about the history of the Tower, pointed out sites along the Seine, and identified buildings from the second level of the Tower. It was a good option for us.

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If you find tickets available.. buy them.. they only sell a limited amount for each time slot.. and in July the lines will be hours long.

Once on second level you can easily buy tickets to the top from the ticket office on that level..

Or buy a tour.. pricier.. but it is worth it to some.

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There are no tickets available to the 2nd Floor in July or June or May...don't know what you think you saw, but it wasn't available tickets.

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Hi pweas,

Tim is correct. You can purchase tickets at the official site ( 90 days in advance at 8:30 a.m. (Paris time). Depending on where you're located, that may mean you need to be online at 2:30 a.m. (eastern US). Tickets go quickly and could be sold out in 10-20 minutes.

If you miss the advance tickets, try a Behind the Scenes tour. I used Get Your Guide twice with good results.