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Eiffel Tower question (restaurants and access)

We are going to Paris soon and the Eiffel Tower tickets sold out for our days there almost immediately to the summit and even 2nd floor. So we started looking at the restaurants.

If we book at Madame Brasserie can we walk around the 1st floor before or after the meal? FAQs and reviewers have been inconsistent with these details.

Also, if we can walk around: can we take the stairs to the second floor?


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If you book Madame Brasserie, you must still pay the elevator supplement 9.10€, but there is a special elevator just for those with dining reservations. Those booking Madame Brasserie have full access to the 1st floor.

My assumption is that you may take the stairs to the second floor, but you may not take the elevator to the summit without summit tickets, which must be purchased either in advance or at ground level.

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Thanks. I booked it. Kids wanted the summit, but a nice dinner on the 1st floor and a walk to the second floor at sunset will be great as well.

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On the day of you can get walking up tickets to floor two and add on the elevator to the top. You can then use that elevator ticket after lunch to take the kids who want to do it to the top. I would not want to disappoint kids who want to go to the top of the ET with an experience that is 'just as good' -- those 'just as goods' never are.