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Eiffel Tower in May, …at Sunset?


Can anyone tell me how are lines at the Eiffel Twr in May? I'll be in the City of Lights around mid-May 2014 and wasn't able to get an internet ticket. Also, are lines really better, or non-existent, around sunset? I read that in a post at Trip Advisor. Thank you.

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We were there the first week of May 2013 and even at 7:30 pm the lines were long - almost two hours. I would suggest either buying advance tickets if they are still available or waiting till later - 9:30 or 10 and not seeing the sunset.

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Mid-May sunset in Paris is about nine-thirty.
The last admission that time of year is either ten-thirty or eleven, depending on how high you're going.

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Roberto, I think the lines will be especially long for a sunset viewing. I was there in the Fall and on the Tower for the sunset. It was Ok but not grand!. I think the view of the Eiffel Tower is better at night when you're not on it but from across the river. My two cents. Keep looking online all the way up until you leave for your trip... I found tickets opened up closer to my trip time when the weren't available a couple of months prior. It definitely pays to buy in advance; we didn't wait at all to get into the tower. Good luck either way and you'll love Paris if you haven't been; one of my favorite cites in the world!