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Eiffel Tower Dilemma

Hi all,

We will be in Paris with our family for 5 days in early July, 2023. We have been unable to secure tickets to the Eiffel. Yes, we went online exactly two months and a day before our preferred date/ time and they were sold out and continued to be sold out for the time we're in Paris. Our kids and grand kids all have the Eiffel up top of their want to do lists. Is it feasible to queue up on a given day and be able to get tickets to the 2nd floor and summit? TIA

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It is feasible, and I have done it. I was there on a September day and, being somewhat of a weather geek, I could tell that the overcast and light rain in Paris would likely depart by mid-day. I also theorized that most tourists who were not weather-aware, would stay away and try to do indoor things. It paid off, I just showed up on a cloudy morning and bought walk up tickets and the elevator for the top level with a very short line (other than security) and as I climbed to the second level, the clouds broke and I was rewarded with stunning sunlit views of Paris.

That being said, if this is on your kids "top of their want to do lists," I am not sure I would count on that. I had been up many years previously, and was prepared to walk away if it didn't look good. And I was there in September. July, and the particular "given" day could affect your chances. If it is that important, this may be a reason to pay the premium for a reseller. I have also read that there are "behind the scenes" tours that includes access to the top—but I have no first-hand experience.

Good luck.

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Pre-covid we too waited in line to purchase tickets to the Eiffel Tower. I did not want to buy tickets ahead of time in case the weather was crummy for our date and time.
...and a few years before that, we were in Paris with our daughter and 3 grandkids and also did not have a reservation, but waited in line.
However, I know tourism is up this year, so don't know if the wait times are very long. However, if going to the top of the Eiffel Tower is on the kids and grandkids, the wait may be worth it.

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Are your kids adults? If so, pass the Eiffel Tower conundrum to them to figure out. Personally, I wouldn't want to wait for an hour or more in line especially after experiencing our long-awaited trip to the top as less thrilling than anticipated.

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if you are fit -- walk up to the second floor. That line is short to buy tickets on site and you can usually buy the add on elevator to the top floor at the ticket window when you get the walking up ticket. (you can take the elevator down)

And look every day for tickets especially as the days get short -- there is a recent pattern of tickets being released a week or two before the date. No guarantees but may have had success with that.

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Yea the line for stair tickets is always shorter and it’s fun going through the structure - note - take elevator down as walking down is harder in your legs ( and you are allowed to take elevator down even if you climbed stairs up )

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I am in the same situation as you, family of 4 and sold out tickets. The kids pulled the ‘it will ruin our vacation’ card, lol. I’ve tried some of the tour companies and it is either about $500 for all of us or sold out. Thanks everyone for the tips, seems like stairs might be the best option, at least for us. We will see how much the kids really want to go after telling them they’ll have to climb the tower.

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I just checked the official website for beginning of July and they had tickets available.

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My Eiffel Tower experience was surprisingly easy, but was quite some time ago--2004. I remember I just walked up to the counter at about 10:00 am on a day in April, waited in a line of maybe 10 minutes, then went up. Can't remember if I climbed to second level, then took an elevator or if I did both elevators. It was an amazing experience looking out over all of Paris, certainly worth it, though heights are not my thing particularly on the somewhat small top of the tower.