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Eiffel Tower at Night

My husband and I will be in Paris May 15-24. We want to visit the Eiffel Tower at night. Is there a day of the week that it's less crowded at night? Many thanks! Anne

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Not really but the area surrounding the Eiffel Tower is quite large and there is plenty of space for everyone, either from a spot in the park leading away from the river or from the Trocadero on the other side of the river. The area directly under the tower is usually quite crowded but it isn't the best view anyway. Be there on the hour when it twinkles!

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Hi Queen, one of the highlights of my Paris trips is wandering over to the ET every night to see it light up. Spectacular show not to be missed. It's always crowded (more so on the weekend and you're going into a holiday weekend) but it's people socializing and staring at the Tower, not a problem.

If you want to go up to the top it's probably too late to get tickets online. You can try a behind the scenes tour (Get Your Guide is good), Seine boat tour, or be prepared to stand in line to get tickets. Hope you have a great trip!

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Keep in mind that you're getting close to the Solstice, so that late in May the first light-up of the Tower may not happen until 10p.m. If it does happen at 9 (the 'sparkle show' goes for 5 min., on the hour) it wouldn't be very dramatic unless the sunset colors were setting it off just right.

As Anita also suggested, my favorite place to watch the show is from the steps at Trocadero, not directly below. The light of dusk is behind you and the only thing hindering the view from that perspective is the Montparnasse tower.

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Thank you Bill, Donna and Anita - You bring up great points I hadn't thought of. I've never been to Paris, so your input is very valuable. Anne

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Yes nighttime viewing from the Trocadero. Usually lots of people mulling around. Street musician or two. and people selling all kids of junk. Time can be saved getting to the top by walking up the stairs then getting the elevator to the top. Check the ticket booth at the bottom as to how to do this. Although there are 600 plus steps it lets you see the how the tower was built.

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In addition to the view of the Eiffel Tower from the Trocadero (free), my other favorite view is from the top of the Arc de Triomphe (free with Museum Pass, otherwise €9.50). These views are great by day and by night - on my last Paris trip, I went to each one twice! I had the Museum Pass, but I might have done the Arc de Triomphe twice even without it.

Other great night views of Paris are from a boat tour; there are several companies. Again, this is something that's worth doing by day as well.

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We love to get a couple of sandwiches, cheese, a bottle of wine (discretely kept in the paper bag), maybe some crackers, and take in the lights and twinkles of the ET on the hour, starting at sunset and lasting until hourly at 0100. No need to go up since the lights are spectacular from the ground. It's always a popular venue so go when you can, maybe get there an hour prior to sunset to get a good spot.

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remember the old rule of thumb that the best view of the Tower is NOT from the Tower.

If you get some altitude somewhere in the city you'll have a good view of it. Perhaps Montmartre or Sacre Coueur? The roof of Galleries Lafayette if they are open? Or the Montparnasse Tower.