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Eiffel tower advance tickets

I was able to get Eiffel tower tickets from their official website for 17 euros to the summit.
Does this cost include Skipping the line or will I still have to stand in the regular line to get inside?

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The on-line ticket has a reservation time, so come 15 minutes before and go to the reserved ticket queue, not the long ticket line.

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just visited the louvre and eiffel tower today, both without reservation. ticket is very easy to get and the line was able 30 mins wait. maybe everyone is busing watching soccer!

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Swap.. if you purchased a ticket online it has a time slot.. it is ONLY good for that time slot. If you arrive after you will be refused ( I think there is a 10-15 minute time spot).. and will not be able to use that ticket even in the line up..

To use the ticket you have you go to a separate line clearly marked for ticket holders. They will scan it and you will proceed through security ( no picnic knives allowed!!) then get in line for the elevators.

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the magic word you are looking for in finding your entrance is 'Reservations' -- The line marked this way is for those with pre purchased tickets. I think it is the North east leg but my sense of direction may not be perfect. If you face Trocadero it is the front right leg.