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Eifel Tower Floors

There are 2 options to get to the second floor of the Eiffel Tower. Elevator or steps. If you buy a ticket to level 2 can you get off at level one, visit the gift shop, snack shop and continue higher on the same ticket, or do you have to purchase another ticket to continue up? If you buy a ticket to climb steps can you climb to level one and buy a ticket to take the elevator to level 2 or once you start with steps you must continue that way? Also for people who do climb to level 2 by steps can they go down the elevator or do they have to come down the same way they came up? For people who do climb to level 2 by steps can they purchase a ticket to the top by elevator which is the only way to get up there? Is there anything on the top level besides the observation area, any gift shops or is that on the lower levels? How high do people go up, mostly to the top or just to level 2?

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We r leaving Paris today and have stayed in an apt 5 min from the tower. First off, if you do not have reservations the lines can be long. It has been rainy here the last couple of days and last evening it was foggy..these are the only times I have not seen lines for the tower. We got in line one sunny morning before the tower opened. It opens at 9:30 am and we were in line a bit before 9. I bought a ticket all the way up to the top, my husband only went to the 2nd floor. I believe those are the only options you have if you do not walk up. My advice is go top to bottom. We rode up to the 2nd floor where we both got off. I got on another elevator to the top my husband stayed on the 2nd floor. He does not like heights. I recommend going to the top. The views are amazing! When you get off the elevator locate the stairs up to the very top...there are only maybe 6 to 8 steps to the top outside deck. You don't need a gift shop at the top...the top views are the reward. Enjoy the view and then take the elevator to the 2nd floor. There are snack and a gift shop there. We walked down to the 1st floor but my husband who has slight vertigo did not like that so once on the 1st floor (snack, gift shop) after looking around we rode the elevator to the bottom. The tickets were 17 euros to the top and 11 to the second floor. Go all the way to the top! There is an information booth located at the tower. It is cheaper to walk up but I do not know about riding the elevator to the very top if you walk up. That might be an extra charge. Enjoy! Oh, just an is windy and cold up top.

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We walked to the second level and then purchased tickets to the top. The only way to go up or down between the 2nd & 3rd level is the elevator. Walking is not an option. What I remember most about the top is just how happy & giddy everyone was. You can buy a glass of champagne which a lot of people did. They have these little spots that say kiss your partner here which our kids made us do. The overall atmosphere was simply wonderful.

We noticed a lot more people walking down from the second level to the ground level. Walking down was surprisingly fast and a lot of people didn't feel like waiting the 20-30 minutes for the elevators.