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Eifel Tower

I will be in Paris on Friday Sept 29 on a tour. However starting at 4 pm that day I will have a free late afternoon/evening. My tour has a 'photo op' but not a tour of the Eiffel Tower. I want to go up in it. Can I just get the tickets when I arrive or will there be a big line? If I buy tickets on line what is the best site?

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There have been a number of posts in the past month about Eiffel Tower tickets. If you type in those words in the Search block above, you will be rewarded by great gobs of information about the procedure with appropriate links to explore.

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Can I just get the tickets when I arrive or will there be a big line?

Yes, there will be a very long line.

If I buy tickets on line what is the best site?

The Eiffel's own site:

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We reserved ahead for a time to go to ET. There was a line despite reserved tics. This was in April and there was a crowd. There is a security check and the area under the tower is enclosed.

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I've never been to the Eifel Tower, however it is my dream to go to Paris!

From what I've heard, you should do your research and poke around the Eifel Tower's website and see what they have to offer. From what I understand, you can get tickets to the Eifel Tower once you are there, but, given the popularity of the site, you may be better off ordering them online.

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Tickets go on sale about 92 days out and they often are gone within minutes or hours of the day they go on sale. Sometimes more come on sale at the last minute as tours return them. If you want to go up then get them ahead on line.

You need to arrive a half hour or so ahead to clear perimeter security for access under the Tower; this is quite new and an issue raised by recent terrorist activity. Once under the Tower, there is a designated elevator for those with pre-purchased tickets. We got up with no line at all there as it was rainy and I am sure some people didn't bother to show up. On nicer days there may be a bit of a wait for an elevator but it is nothing like the hours long lines to purchase a ticket.
Here is our trip in the rain:
As you can see the perimeter security has gone up since the fall of 2015 when we did this and adds a second step which is why you need to arrive a half hour before your elevator time.

If you like you could buy a walking ticket for 7 Euro and walk to the second floor; you can buy the ticket to the top when you buy the stair ticket for an additional 6 Euro. Everyone has to queue on the second floor for the elevator to the tops (and again for elevators down) I hope you get a chance to do it; it is well worth the trip all the way up.