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Easyjet flights within France

Have a ticket to Nice in May and June.

I was planning to go to Corsica but the rental car situation on the island is uncertain. A lot of accounts online of rental offices only renting out electric cars on an island with limited charging infrastructure.

So now I'm thinking of going elsewhere, fly from Nice to either Bordeaux or somewhere in Normandy possibly. I spent time in Nice and Provence last year, plan to end the trip around Marseille and Cassis.

I've taken LCC before but never EasyJet. Yet they seem to have better routings to some of these smaller French airports such as BOD and some airports in Normandy.

I know I will have to pay for checked bags but my concern is more with in cabin luggage. By roller board is carries electronics including lithium batteries so it has to go in the cabin but the weight may be over the typical 8-9 kg.

Seems many have taken EasyJet so trying to get an idea of their luggage enforcement.

How strict are they about checking cabin luggage? Do they use the sizer and weigh suitcases at the gate as a matter of practice?

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They are not the worst out there but they are fairly strict. Book a far that includes a 10kg cabin luggage and you're good - the base fare only includes personal items!

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I still can't understand what you have against electric cars? Are you going to skip Corsica because you can't rent a fossil fuel powered car? As I mentioned in your other thread, there certainly are charging stations on Corsica. And in mountainous areas, electric cars are really good. You do use a lot of energy going uphill, but you get a lot that back when going downhill.

Or you can use trains and buses on the island. Or if you still insist that you must have a polluting car on Corsica, you can probably rent one in Nice.

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I don’t have anything against electric cars.

I would buy something like the Ioniq 5 and install a charger in my garage but they’re overpriced now because the demand is so high in CA.

But we have good charging infrastructure here in CA and I would charge at home, have plenty of time to charge at home.

My time on holiday is limited. I don’t want to spend hours hunting down chargers and hours waiting while charging.

I would be spending a lot of time in Piana and Bonifacio, which doesn’t have chargers near where I would be staying.

Read TripAdvisor and Google reviews about Hertz and Sixt. People are livid about only getting electric car after thinking they reserved a gas and diesel. They talk about a lot of wasted time looking for and finding chargers. One person talked about having to return to Ajaccio airport to charge. I’m not driving 130 km from Bonifacio to charge the car.

They apparently got all kinds of incentives to buy low end EVs like the Zoe and 500e. I don’t even like renting cars that small because their trunks are too small for my suitcases.

So if you want to spend hours and hours on your holidays charging your car go ahead but I have no interest in doing so. Also seeing that rental rates on the mainland are better. They also have some EVs but plenty of other cars.

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I did find some articles from last summer about the difficulties faced by electric car renters in Corsica. As it turns out, the company that owns the local Hertz franchise also owns the main network of charging stations, so they have a vested interest in forcing electric cars on their customers...
Whether enough charging points have been built since last summer is uncertain, and I understand the OP's reluctance in this particular case!
This being said, flying to Normandy instead sounds a bit... extreme. Perhaps the Ligurian coast could serve as a Corsica substitute instead.

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Good suggestion.

Also I haven't been west of Nice in awhile so places like Antibes and Cannes.

Or spending more time to the east, like Menton wouldn't be the worst thing to settle for.

Last summer it was the PCR testing requirement to go from France mainland to Corsica. Just as we'll, the rental car situation sounds horrid and prices are high.

Possibly I can fly to Figari and spend just a few days in Bonifacio, skip Piana this time.

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This site is useful for cut-rate flights within Europe. No site covers everything, in my experience. This one allow you to enter a location or a region and it will show alternatives. Book directly from the airline. Short-hop carriers have changed travel within Europe and encouraged the spread of fast trains.
It is always wise to read the home website thoroughly because extra charges can drive the final price 'way up.

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We flew EasyJet from CDG to Nice yesterday with prepaid carryons and no one weighed or measured anyones bag that I saw. It would probably be easier to take the high speed train as it was pretty stressful.

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On Easyjet's website you can pull up these airports: Biarritz, Bordeaux, Dzaoudzi, Fort-de-France, La Rochelle, Lille, Lyon, Nantes, Nice, Paris, Rennes and Toulouse. Not sure if they fly to all though.

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Thanks, and EJ seems to have better routings than AF too.

But I'm now thinking of staying in the Côte d'Azur if I stay away from Corsica.

BTW, anyone confronted with EVs when renting cars, there are more chargers on mainland France than an island like Corsica.

But a lot of them are at hotels and require you to be guests there or schedule appointments.

At least that's the case in Nice, Antibes.