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Easter in Paris


I will be in Paris over easter 2024 (Friday night, flying out Wednesday morning for home) with my mom and two kids (8 and 10). Both my mom and I have been before, but it will be the first time for my kids.

I realize this is poor timing for crowds, but fortunately don’t have too many “must dos.” The kids mostly want to go up the Eiffel Tower and I am insisting on the sewer museum (I’m a wastewater engineer).

How else would you recommend spending four days with crowds with kids? We were hoping to do a bike tour. We thought of spending Easter itself in Chartes. Also wondered if there were any times when the Louvre or Orsay would not just be madness… Or are there any fun Easter egg hunts or chocolate egg classes we should do instead?

Fortunately this will be the end of an almost three week trip, so it may be nearing the “museumed out” phase so good places to absorb the atmosphere may also be just fine.

Any tips or experiences are highly appreciated! We have an apartment in the 7th very near the Siene. Thank you!

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