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Easier flying into Montpellier or Marseilles airport??

Hello all, my husband and I are in the initial stages of planning a trip to France in mid-Spetember, thinking of starting in the Arles/Nimes area and heading up the west side of France, flying home from Paris. I was thinking of flying into Marseilles, but also see an option to fly into Montpellier. We will be picking up a rental car at some point, either at the airport or in a nearby town. Do any of you have advice on which airport would be the easiest to navigate arrival and car rental? On the map, they both look like they are out away from the city and a fairly easy shot to the highways. We don't know yet where we will be staying - if both airports are easy would it be better to choose our lodging base first? Flights are about the same time and price into either place. Thanks for any help:)

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Montpellier is the easier airport and the easier to get out of. It also gives you the perfect excuse to cut through the Camargue and have lunch in Aigues-Mortes on the way up toward Arles .

I suspect that, if you have special car requirements (automatic?), the odds of actually getting one might be better at Marseilles. - - note that his is a pure guess based on the size and volume of the airport.

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Thanks Ed! I should have said that my husband and I can both drive a manual car so that won't be an issue - we drove all over Tuscany so I'm assuming we won't have any trouble in France? And thanks for the suggestion for our day of arrival - it's our first time to that area so we appreciate the tip!