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Early End of Lavender Season in Provence

I am looking for opinions on Provence for next summer. I would like to see blooming lavender in the fields. Our dates are roughly June 17-July 4. We are either flying in or out of MRS. My issue is I would rather front load the trip with Provence, as our big hotel splurge is in Venice and I would like to leave it for last. Will I be able to see lavender around June 22nd or so? We would be driving from somewhere around Arles the long way en route to the Cote d'Azur. We will be taking the long way, through the Luberon and the Gorges of Verdon with an overnight, perhaps in Moustiers Ste Marie. If we go in the opposite direction, we would be taking that drive around the 29th.

Thanks in Advance!

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I think some areas bloom before others because of topography/weather. So def look into that. We went in 2018 from July 4 -10-ish. We stayed in Salon en Provence for 4 nights (to do areas to the south, north and west) then Manosque for 3 (to do the areas to the east). By that time most of the fields were in bloom, though we did come across some that were just beginning. For example - the fields in front of Abbaye Senanque were about 75% in bloom on July 7.

Looking back over my pics I think we saw the bulk of the fields around the Sault/Greoux to Moustiers area (loved Moustiers!) on the 2nd, later leg of our visit. I'll assume the fields were blooming at least a week before that (I'm not sure how long the blooms...uh...bloom for).

I think odds to see vast fields of purple might be better at the end of June, but there are so many factors. (We also came across some in full bloom sunflower fields - more in the Salon the Manosque area they looked like they were just coming into bloom).

Edit - in case anyone is wondering Shannon doesn't mean my post is cut and paste - there were a couple of spam posts that were reported and removed ;)

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Just note that every year can be a bit different. However, the fields generally bloom in the lower elevations first and then proceed up in elevation. Thus, Luberon before the Valensole and then higher regions (Sault) even later. Your range should be good however, except perhaps at the highest regions at the earlier date.

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Thanks Everyone! And you are right, I think the bots have taken over a bit. The first reply looks like some copy and paste action.

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usually they harvest late August but sometimes earlier...depends...July would be best so you're good!

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You won't be able to see the lavendar for all the young women in red dresses taking the same photo to post on instagram. I'd leave it a couple of years, and by then the lavendar famers will have taken down the 6' high fences they have erected to stop instagrammers just wandering through their fields and destoying their crops.

(yes. I'm not in the best of moods today, since you ask... what gave it away??)


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Biked through the lavender fields in late June 2017 and they were in full bloom. Hope you have the same luck.