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Driving from Carcassonne to Chateaux Peyrepertuse

In mid July we will be driving south after a visit to Carcassonne, and based on RS's recommendations, want to check out Chateaux
Hautes Corbieres and Peyrepertuse. It looks like there a several ways to get there. I would love to get anyone's thoughts.
I was thinking about D118 south to D613 going east...and then it seems like there are lots of choices. Either D14, or D212 into Chateaux Peyrepertuse ?????

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I envy you being in France this summer! I hope it is not too hot for you!

I would say either or any of the routes are fine. If you have a map to use, you can enjoy planning your own routes. We use laminated Borsch maps purchased at Barnes and Noble. We have not visited Corbieres but we have gone to Peyrepertuse. Do you plan to climb to the chateau?

If so, be prepared for a steep climb with steps of stone. Most of the steps are at least 12-15 inches high so it takes some strength to climb to the top. I am not the fittest person and have very bad feet and knees. However, with my husband's help, I did get to the top of Peyrepertuse. We did not explore all of the chateau but did see some nice views.

Are you interested in Cathar castles? We have visited the small museum in Montesegur and driven to where you would start the climb. We have also been near the base of Queribus. I really want to climb Queribus.

Good luck! Have fun driving the small roads and seeing the sights. I will look forward to a trip report!

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You'll love Peyrepertuse! It's just amazing where the castles in this region were built...necessity is the mother of invention for sure!
Like the previous poster said, this corner of France can be extremely hot in summer. Bring lots of water, wear a hat for shade, and dress lightly!
If you go to Google maps you can drop the small yellow human figure at the bottom (just grab him with your cursor while holding down the left-click button on your mouse) and drag/drop him onto a road. You can "drive" along by clicking ahead on the road so that you can see what each one is like...that's often how I decide on a route when I'm using a car on vaca. Technology is a wonderful thing!

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Don't know know about the best route after D613, but at Couiza - at the junction of D118 and D613 - you can veer off to Rennes-le-Chateau. It's the burial place of Father Sauniere who, according to various mysteries and conspiracy theories, knew the secret of the buried Cathar treasure. Great views from the top, including Mt. Bugarach which gets a lot of attention every time a date for the end of the world approaches.

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Thanks so much for all the input ! It really helps. we are bringing sturdy shoes and will be climbing to the top !
Thanks again,