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Driving around Corsica

Has anyone done this? I've got lots of questions, and would sure like to hear from you! Thanks.

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Yes. What are your questions?
In general: roads are slow and very mountainous/twisty, sometimes narrow too. But traffic is light and parking is rarely an issue. Coming from the flatlands, you need to take care (pulling over as needed to let people overtake you), and you will be fine if you do.

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I've driven around Corsica and Sardinia. I totally agree with what Balso said. There are places where rural roads that are two-way are only one and quarter lanes wide. One of my highlights was circumnavigating Cap Corse from Bastia to Barcaggio to Saint Florent to Bastia. Wonderful one day excursion. If you like challenging roads, taking the D14 between Aleria and Corte is a challenge - not for the faint of heart! Driving from Bastia to Porto, be careful of animals walking or resting on the roads.

PM me with any specific questions.

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Getting places takes much, much, much longer than you might expect.