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Drive From St Remy to Paris

Hi, In July we will be traveling to Paris, driving down to St Remy area where we will stay for a week and then driving back up to Paris. Looking for some stops on the way back up. On the way down we plan to visit Lyon and are interested in a different mid-way stop on the travel North. Any recommendations are greatly appreciated.

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Saint Rémy de Provence, I assume?
The Beaune area would be a good stop, or Tournus further south for somewhere less touristy but still with great food and wine. Several other good options in Burgundy (Autun, Vézelay...) but I know less about those.

This being said, it is a long drive from Paris, and the traffic gets pretty bad south of Lyon in July. Is there any particular reason for you to drive? Otherwise I would just take the train between Paris and Avignon and rent a car there. For 2 people it costs the same, takes less than 1/2 the time, and you can still stop in Lyon (where a car is a hassle) on one of the legs.

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Thank you! Great options. We did the drive once from Paris to Lyon and found it was beautiful and wanted to explore again but maybe it’s worth driving south from Paris to St Remy de Provence and then taking the train North. It is a larger group- 8 people so we were planning to rent a larger van and get a driver to avoid the stress of the drive but from what I’m reading and your advice as well- it seems it may not be worth the drive. Thank you for your input I appreciate it.

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I agree that this sounds like a trip that should be done partly by train.

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Our favorite place: Massangis (very tiny village with a fabulous BnB Carpe Diem) so much to see in the area Noyers-sur-Serein, Vezelay, etc. My favorite BnB of all time and make sure you have dinner with them! Look them up on tripAdvisor.

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I'd take the train back to Paris.

I don't shy away from challenging driving conditions, but if there's one thing that takes all the enjoyment out of Paris for me, it's being behind the wheel there. I'd much rather arrive in Paris by train.