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Dordogne, Avignon, or Languedoc?

Any preference? Why?

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I have been to all three regions (Avignon is a city, the region is Provence). My favorite where I have spent a total of five weeks is Languedoc-Roussillon. It has some of the same attraction as Provence with fewer tourists. IMHO it is a more real French country experience. From our base near Pezenas we day tripped to Carcasson, the Camargue, Albi, Gorge du Tarn (overnight), Arles, Sete, Nimes and the Pont du Gard, Collioure, and places in between.

The Dordogne is an entirely different experience and I would love to spend more time there.

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Thank you Carolyn. We maybe have only a few days to spend. My husband hasn't been to any of these regions. I've been to Provence and the Cote d'Azur; just haven't been to Avignon.

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I am going to second Languedoc! I have been to Avignon several times over the years and spent 5 weeks in Languedoc with a base in Pezenas.
Languedoc is generally much less overrun and more lived-in (for lack of a better term) than many of the more visited places in Provence. The sights are not crowded, you can be alone at a winery or abbey with no one else around, and drive into small towns that are rarely visited. Many of the old villages in the region are arranged in a "village circulade" that is centered on the church. These towns are beautiful and welcoming!
That said, there is nothing wrong with Avignon. It has it's share of charm and history. The arts festival in the summer is really something to see and the surrounding area is lovely. If you don't mind sharing the town and area with more people then it is also well worth seeing.
I haven't been to the Dordogne yet so can't compare - sorry!

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I love the dordogne but u need a car to get around to the caves, museums and historical villages.
Avignon is lovely and well located for public transport a real plus and easy to get to other provencal towns.. Languedoc is very spread out and to me alot less interesting than the other 2.

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I've only been to Provence briefly and the Dordogne for three nights so I am no expert but...Everything in the Dordogne is amazing. Medieval castles, Renaissance villages, nature, prehistory, food just goes on and on. Definately need a car with a GPS and we drove down some tiny back roads where even the cows were beautiful.

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We have spent a couple of weeks in Provence and several short stops plus a week in the Dordogne and have visited Avalon. For me the Dordogne hands down. Lovely area; canoeing on the Dordogne is a stunning magical way to spend a sunny day; the food is wonderful and the pre-historic caves singular. You must have a car to enjoy this region but it is the best of the bunch listed (although we are not Languedoc experts and that may be equally good, don't know)

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The Dordogne is spectacular. I was not impressed by Avignon. On the other hand, the Languedoc has a lot going for it. The problem is, as someone pointed out, it is so spread out. You would really have to limit yourself to a particular part of it unless you have a huge amount of time. And unlike the Dordogne, it is really not known for its food, although it's wine is outstanding and diverse.

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