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Does Navigo easy pass really work on android phones

Planning to buy a Navigo easy pass on the android phone instead of the physical card and then load the tickets on the app.
We could save 2 euros this way by not purchasing the card.
However does anyone know how smooth the tickets work if loaded on phone OR will I be better off buying the physical navigo easy card if they are glitchy?
Thanks .

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I have an Android Galaxy 23+ and the passes work very well. I use the app, IDF Mobilités, which has my Navigo tickets on it. It also has a slew of other information that is useful, such as "itineraries", "schedules" and "traffic info". You simply click on at the bottom, "Purchase" to buy more tickets and also to see how many tickets you have already. I have six tickets from my trip last September which I'll be using in just under five weeks!
You do have to find the "sweet spot" when tapping your phone. A few tries will help you get the feel for it.