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Does anyone know or can give me info on locations of ATMs at terminal 3 CDG.

I am arriving at CDG Terminal 3 on June 5 at noon. Does anyone know where there is an ATM in T3? I am arriving without a euro to my name and won't even be able to get RER B tickets. I don't want to book a taxi or UBER and have their bill subtracted from my credit card account. Both are too expensive.
Thank you

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I don't know much about terminal 3, but I did find this helpful link on how to get to the RER/TGV station in terminal 2 from terminal 3. I know that there is even a bank branch near this station. Here is one link on how to get there, and one link about the bank/ATMS.

I think you will have no difficulties finding what you need once you arrive at terminal 2 from terminal 3.

Have a wonderful trip.

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And that is exactly when I am willing to pay the money exchange a 10% fee and get a hundred euro prior to boarding. One less thing to worry about at landing. The taxi or UBER will be exactly the same price whether you pay cash or charge it. I am not sure I understand that comment.

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Just wondering if anyone has ever had a problem getting Euros at CDG?


10 times arriving there from the US with zero Euros in my pocket. Always able to find a bank operated ATM without going out of my way and to get the amount of Euros out of it I needed.

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I've never worried about getting euros at an airport. Getting through an airport without finding an ATM is like getting through Ireland without finding a pub.

My biggest worry is mistaking an exchange machine that looks like an ATM for an actual ATM. A couple ways to tell. If it has some from of "bank, banc, banco" in the name and NOT an "ex" at the end, it's most likely an ATM. If the first question is whether you want to draw money from your credit card, it's an exchange machine.

You can buy your RER ticket with a card (credit or debit). I always do. One caveat is I find I usually have to run the transaction a second time before it works (maybe because it takes too long to clear with an overseas bank?). I've also seen it say the transaction was declined then spit out my ticket below. If you get that, make sure you check for a ticket where they spit out.

When you buy an RER ticket, buy it to your destination metro station (rather than just Gare du Nord) it will cost you less total and you won't have to get downtown and buy another metro ticket to finish your ride.

There is also a ticket window but as far as I can remember there's a line of a half dozen or more ticket machines and only one ticket window. Unless you're first in line, it's likely to take a while.