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Does anyone have experience with City Wonders Tours from paris

I was considering taking one of their day trips from Paris to a nearby area such as the Liore valley, on a trip I have coming up. The pricing seems cheeper than other companies which has me suspicious.

Any info would be appreciated. The reviews appear to be good

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Hi Brian:

Myself, husband & 2 teenage kids took several City Wonders tours in London & Paris, but back in 2016, so quite a while ago now. (where does the time go!). I remember that we enjoyed the guides & tours. We thought they were a good value for the money we paid. We did a full day London highlights tour that included afternoon tea, as our daughter had just 1 day in London with us. The guide was very engaging with the kids & we still talk about the delicious afternoon tea! We took 3 tours in Paris. Notre Dame tour & tower climb; Louvre highlights; and some kind of walking tour that included tickets for the Eiffel Tower.

Enjoy your time in Paris!

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This is awesome! Thank you for the info. Your experience more or less is in line with the recent reviews for the City Wonders Tours. I' think i'm going to book one!

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If you end up booking that tour, come back & let us know how it went!


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I think that's who we used in the fall of 2019, and if I am correct, they were very good. Not only the guided walking tour but we really enjoyed their evening boat trip on the Seine.

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I can't recommend Wonder City Tours. I booked through Viator for the Eiffel Tower Stair Climb and Optional summit by elevator. After checking and re-checking how to get to the meeting point and getting there well ahead of time, I was told my booking was for one person instead of two. I had booked it a month in advance and my voucher from Viator clearly stated two adults, paid and confirmed.

The Wonder City Tours representative was rude and aggressively informed me that my booking was for one, despite what she clearly could read herself on my booking confirmation. She told me I needed to call Viator because they had made a mistake and paid only for one person and we couldn't go on the tour.

At this point I got very upset. This trip to Paris had been planned for nearly 2 years. I was travelling with my 84 year old mother, whose dream it was to see and experience the Eiffel Tower. It was her first trip to France. I explained this to the representative and her response was that it wasn't her problem, Viator had made a mistake. And she told me patronisingly to calm down. I pointed to the $212AUD I had paid, getting increasingly agitated.

Finally she took a screenshot of my confirmed 2 adult booking and sent it on as I tried to get hold of Viator on WhatsApp.

She came back a few minutes later and said that her company was not going to charge me anymore money and instead were going to "let" my mother come on the tour for free because Viator had only paid them for one person. That “see? I needed to calm down and enjoy the tour” because they were not going to charge me more money, even though they had not been paid for two people.

I call this a lie. Which was later confirmed by Viator on WhatsApp, who texted me that indeed I did have a paid booking for 2 adults.

I will never make a booking with Wonder City Tours again. The representative was unprofessional, rude and had apparently no ability in customer service. Instead of reading the situation and calmly working through the problem, the first thing she tried to do was bully me into accepting only one of us would be able to go on the tour. Not worth the anxiety to try them again.

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"I will never make a booking with Wonder City Tours again."

@word-wasOZ - I'd also recommend you never make a booking with Viator again either. Putting a middleman between you and the tour operator may also have been part of the issue. I'm also dreadfully sorry you had to go thru this with your Mom but very happy she was able to get up in the Eiffel Tower. I hope the rest of your trip went splendidly.

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@ word-was0z, I am sorry that this happened to you. I was not there but I would bet `that Viator is the entity that made the error in your situation. The fact that they told you that they submitted a reservation for two is not dispositive. Odds are that they messed and submitted only one tour request and I say that from experience.

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Any competent organization when given a receipt for payment for their tour will fix the problem on the spot.

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I agree that the problem is most likely that you paid for two, Viator said two but sent one, and City Wonders is looking bad because they, quite reasonably only wanted people on the tour for which they were paid.

Your anger is probably at an innocent party.