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Disney Paris

We are going on RS eastern France tour in May and thought we might go a day or two early and visit Euro/Paris Disney. The hotel rate's in the park are outrageous. Does anyone have a suggestion or experience with a reasonable hotel near the park?

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We are going to Disneyland Paris in July and also found the Park hotels overexpensive. We chose to stay at an AirBnB in Val d'Europe, one 5- minute RER stop up the line from Disneyland.

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No personal experience actually staying there, but there is a cluster of hotels just outside the park in Magny-le-Hongre, with shuttles to the park. They look perfectly fit for the purpose. Similarly, and perhaps more convenient, there is hotel Elysée Val d'Europe right at the RER station of the same name - 5 min train ride to the park, small cost.

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I just took RER-A from Paris to Disneyland for the day and returned back to my Paris hotel in the evening. Find out what the evening departure hours are back to Paris before you head in for the day.

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Just FYI, the rates on the official Disneyland Paris sites include hotel and tickets - you can't reserve just the hotel on the official sites. Additionally, these package tickets include arrival and departure days, so, for example, if you're getting a quote for two nights, that will actually include three days of tickets. You can get decent rates on hotel only through third party bookers like Expedia, Orbitz, etc. We're going in May also, and right now the cheapest hotels for our dates are $175 a night (no tickets).

We need two night/three days of tickets, so we're staying on property for two nights, and spending the last night near the train station in Val d'Europe. You can find cheap hotels in Val d'Europe, and the train station there is only one stop (like 2 minute travel) from DLP. It's a nice location, too -- master planned like Celebration in Florida, with a large shopping mall/outlet mall, restaurants, etc. Just wanted to mention that it's not a sketchy area by any means.

Also, if you do want to stay on property to get benefits - like early entry - you should check out different countries' Disneyland Paris websites, as they all have different prices and discounts. The US site is usually the most expensive. Off the top of my head, I think the ones to check are France, UK, Ireland, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Italy, and the US. DLP doesn't actually send anything, in the mail so it doesn't matter where you live (and apparently it's EU law that people can book through whatever country they want). For our trip towards the end of May, there's a good discount on both the German and Dutch websites, with up to 20% off and a 200euro gift card per room.