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Disgusting Food Museum - French outpost of Swedish museum

I was reading a New Yorker article today about the Disgusting Food Museum in Malmo.
It's quite popular in Malmo and was borne from the creator's visit to another cool museum: The Museum of Broken Relationships in Zagreb, Croatia.

It's exactly the kind of museum I like - weird angle, single focus and fun, which in the end gives unique insight into different cultures.

As I continued reading, I saw a note that there is a temporary exhibit of the museum in Bordeaux right now. It looks fun and is only a 6 minute walk from the Cite du Vin - museum of wine.

I can't believe my luck! I know there's a few posters in Bordeaux this fall so I thought I'd share.

The thought of pairing wine samples with some truly intimidating food morsels seems both intriguing and a poor gastrointestinal idea, especially since the museum gives out barf bags upon entry!:)

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I've read about this and am always amazed what people are willing to pay to do. The tour of the sewer always seemed ify, but this seems downright masochistic. Be sure to report back if you do it.

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@Janet - yes, it is absolutely clear to me that I have terrible taste in museums:) I’m the person that - in a museum full of Egyptian mummies and treasures - is awestruck by a collection of tweezers. Museum of Brands and Packaging? I’m in. Crayons? Yep. Toilets? Of course.

I get a lot out of those places - a streamlined and specific look at culture and tradition. In an art museum like the Louvre I’m totally overwhelmed and I shut down and miss it all. But if you give me a collection of cheese graters over the years? Well, I can see the development, the ingenuity, the materials available and some economic insight. So it’s not just that I’m a really poor chooser:)

I’ll report back if I get in. It’s a jam-packed day with Les Bassins de Lumieres (immersive digital art in a WWII submarine base) and the Cite du Vin (wine museum)

And it’s funny you mention the Sewer Museum - this will be my third attempt to get in there in Sept. It’s still closed though and I am doubting it will open.