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Departing CDG for U.S.

Had a classic bad experience with connecting flight thru CDG so would love some feedback on leaving...
Departing CDG this Sun, using hotel transport
6am. Will be a 1hr drive from hotel to airport. Not checking bags, flying Delta terminal 2E. Flight out is 10:25 a.m.
Do you think we are allowing enough time or should we be leaving the hotel earlier (assuming hotel transport will allow an earlier booking)?
Thank you so much for any information / advice

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That’s cutting it close, especially on a Sunday. I’ve given up trying to stay in Paris and making my flight home. Now I stay in hotel at the airport the night prior to my flight home. Lowers your stress level!

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I don't see how that is cutting it close. On a Sunday morning you should make the airport easy by 7 with a three hour plus margin. I don't see any problem. That is about our pattern when we are in Paris.

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What hotel transport? Or is it one of the shuttle services that picks up passengers at multiple hotels? Avoid that, we took one of those years ago and our driver could not find one of his pickups and we spent (wasted) so much time in central Paris that we had to sprint to catch our flight.

For your flight mid morning, I agree with another poster: I now spend the night at the airport prior to any morning flights.

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I generally give myself 4 hours between leaving Paris and my flight time. On a Sunday, you'd probably be OK with your timeframe. I agree with the comment to skip a hotel transport shuttle unless it is only you and they're going direct to airport. The closest I ever cut the time was one of my first trips and we'd used a hotel shuttle that stopped too many places between us and the airport. After that I have always booked a G7 taxi.

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My flight returns to SFO are on Sundays. 3 hours prior to departure has worked. When suggested by Air France last December to be there 4 hours earlier during all the COVID checks & verifications, we sat around 3 hours before departure. The only hiccup was waiting on a wheelchair for my mother. I am a fan of G7 Taxi service, pre-booked.

Hope everything goes smoothly for you.

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Don't use some shuttle. LIke one of the other posters we once almost missed a flight because a shuttle driver could not find their last pick up and wasted an hour roaming around suburbs asking little old ladies on street corners for directions; it was surreal. Take a cab. And 4 hours ahead of the flight should be plenty unless you receive different info from the airline. Sunday morning you will be there quickly.

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Angela. I agree with previous posters. It should be fine; however, it will depend upon the hotel transport. If this is an omnibus going around to different hotels to pick up passengers, I would switch to a taxi service (G7 has great reviews here) dedicated to your timing needs. In any case, good luck on your return flight.

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We were on that flight on a Friday a few weeks ago and we got to the airport at 7 am (stayed at an airport hotel). We had to check luggage which took about 10 minutes. Passport control was a long but well organized line and took about 1 hr 45 or maybe 2 hours. Security was quick, about 5 minutes. We got to the gate about 9:30.

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The night before flying out of CDG to SFO either on United or Air France, I stay in a hotel at CDG.

The next morning I always take the hotel shuttle to the airport, which I arrange prior at check-in. Obviously, I get to the airport 3 hours or so prior to the scheduled departure. I don't mind sitting there waiting.

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Posters here are divided, some prefer the comfort of knowing they're close to the airport. To me, that's a totally wasted last night---especially considering the airport isn't that far away from the city.

Sunday mornings there is generally a lot of traffic to CDG----every time I return on a Sunday there's usually a few "embouteillages" (traffic jams) right next to the airport. Every. Time. So I'd go a little earlier.

I've noticed that Delta also takes quite some time. Air France always seems much more swift and the automatic bag drop is a dream. I've quit booking through Delta for that reason.

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Many answers seem to assume that the OP will be staying in Paris, but that's not what I'm reading: we just know it's a "one hour drive". Taxis might not be as readily available.
Except for the last mile inside the airport (which is prone to traffic in the early mornings), Sunday mornings are as smooth-sailing as it gets on the road, so provided this is a private transfer, your timing seems fine!

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Agree that you are fine. We arrive at CDG 2.5 hours in advance of our flights. Yes, we have Sky Priority, but that’s still plenty of time.

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For a 10:45am flight out of CDG on Air France I arrange a G7 taxi from Paris to pick me up at 6am.
I would rather be bored air side than stressed about missing my flight in a long security or passport control line, or a traffic jam on the highway.
One never knows what logjam might occur to slow everything down.

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Sorry I should have stated this is a private transfer, a sedan. So not a shuttle per say. We're paying to go from hotel in Paris directly to airport. Also we'll have Sky Priority with Delta.
I should have been more clear on that, my apologies.

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Angela, you should be good leaving at 6:00 AM. If you are concerned move it back to 5:00 or 5:30 AM.

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We just returned home from Paris on Tuesday, 10/4. The first leg was from CDG to Toronto. Monday morning, we asked our hotel to arrange for a taxi to take us to CDG Tuesday morning at 8 am for a 1 pm flight via Air Canada. It took about 50 minutes to get to the airport (our hotel was near the Eiffel Tower) and about another 50 minutes to get to our gate. It was a flat 58 euros plus an additional 7 euros because the ride was pre-booked. We had plenty of time.

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We returned Saturday morning 10-01. Our flight to CPH was an 11:15 am flight. We left (taxi) at 6:30 am & got to CDG about 7:15 am. Where we had to wait for bag check to open at 9:00 am. We were first flight of the day for SAS so they did not have staff. And since we had not gone through security no lounge access. I was kicking myself for getting there so early. I'd push back another hour if I could do it again