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Delta and others: thanks for lowering one-way ticket prices this week

Another poster, 75011-er, mentioned the reasonable one-way ticket prices, and I want to confirm. I believe that poster flew American. When I bought new one-way tickets on Saturday for Monday, the prices were 1/2 of a round trip on Delta. Usually, a one-way economy ticket is $2,000+ but not during this crisis.

By the way, while we were in the air, the crew learned this would be their last flight. With kids and mortgages, they are facing lay-offs but continued taking good care of us. Thank you.

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So glad you made it home and smart for keeping on top of the shifts.

Another friend of ours took the Eurostar yesterday and is flying out of London today to get back to Chicago; she had tickets out of CDG for Wednesday and that isn't happening of course. Things changed fast.

Safe travels to everyone.

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British Airways isn’t cutting much slack - charging extra for picking specific Coach (World Traveller) seats on a plane that’s likely going to not be completely full. Still will have a seat tomorrow. Onward to quarantine. . .

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Happy to see you made it home Bets, praying your French family and friends remain healthy.

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Thanks gerri. All of us being isolated, we're available for WhatsApp now.
Janet, it was dumb luck that I woke up Saturday morning and said we had to leave.
I also credit Kim and Kate, who both urged me at lunch to buy the tickets and leave. Thanks ladies. I'm not usually that astute.