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December Travel Strike....!!?

I just learned about this strike thing. I have a flight into CDG on Monday the 9th. Do you all think it’ll still be crazy by then? Will the Louvre be closed that whole week? Will I be walking to my hotel? Where I live in Philadelphia, strikes usually last a day. From what people are saying on here about Paris - there will be no transportation on the 7-8? What about the 9th? I mean I guess it could be worse but I’m bummed. I don’t think I’ll ever get back to Paris again so I really hope things can get resolved. What do you guys think? 😭

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AshleyMIA is maintaining a great thread, constantly updating it. Follow it.
Right now everything is a guess.

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Unless the Louvre employees decide to strike, it will not be closed. I don't think that you will be able to walk to your hotel because Paris is about a 30 minute drive from CDG. But that being said, how did you plan to get to your hotel? Taxis will be running from the airport -- it's just that the wait will probably be longer. I've linked to Ashley's thread on this topic for you:
Have a good trip!

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The “walking to the hotel” thing was a joke. I know traffic is usually bad even when public transportation is working!

I did see Ashley’s post but it didn’t say how long it might last. I know there is no way of knowing but

Thank you

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The biggest issue for you is your arrival on the 9th. The strike may go 4 days and break apart on Monday the 9th or it may continue. Thus your arrival day is a huge unknown.

There maybe some trains run by management starting on Monday the 9th but exact numbers and lines unknown at this time.

Louvre closed - yes it could happen. It will depend upon the Metro. If the Metro remains on strike employees of the Louvre (and other museums) will not be able to get to work.

The best thing you can do is watch for news at this point.

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Even if things resume on the 9th, rolling stock will be in the wrong place , so there will likely be some delays. That’s what happens in London when there are transport times and Paris is likely to be the same.

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Jenny -- I do really encourage you to follow the other thread, which has quite a lot of useful links and information (if it's a lot to read, I'd just take a look at the main post, which AshleyMIA has updated with links to service information for various transport providers, and then AshleyMIA's subsequent responses.)

The reason that thread didn't specify how long the strike might last is that no one knows. If we had an end date, it'd definitely be there!