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Day trips from Colmar - Dijon??

Hello - we're going to Europe to visit the Christmas Markets. We've decided to save Paris for another trip. We've rented an apartment in Colmar for five nights and will do day trips from there. We plan on going to Basel one day and probably Strasbourg another day. My husband, for some reason, wants to go to Dijon. It's about a 2 hour train trip. Rick Steves doesn't cover it in his France book.

Is it worth the trip? Any other suggestions for day trips? Your help is always appreciated.

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Can't say anything plus or minus about Dijon. It's been "on my list" for some time and has good reports, but so far I've only been through it on the train. The journey involves a TGV (High Speed Train), so requires booking in advance, and the earlier the cheaper.

Basel definately, Strasbourg definately. Both have good Christmas markets and lots else to see.

My recommendation would be Freiburg-im-Breisgau. It is a lot closer, but not much quicker to get there, because from Colmar you need to take a bus to Breisach-am-Rhein and then a train. It is a beautiful city, with a market surrounding the cathedral. It has a good Christmas market (nearly as good as Basel :-) ). It also gives you a chance to see a different country and culture. You can then say you went to 3 countries on your trip.

I would also recommend the Route des Vins d'Alsace, which includes 3 perfect little towns: Kayserburg, Riquewihr and Ribeauvillé. Except, you need a car for this. And it may be a bit bleak in Winter, touring vineyards is normally a good weather activity. If you do this look for signs "Cave Co-operative" (= Communal winery), or "Dégustation" (=tasting, i.e. you can taste the wines before you buy). But make sure you designate a driver before you go in.

Don't forget most Christmas markets run from the last weekend in November to midday on Christmas Eve (24th December).

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The Ducal Palace is nice, but not worth 2 hours on a train to and from. The village of Turckheim is a short train ride away. Its gorgeous in the summer, and I'd expect no less in winter. And Kayserberg is a 20 minute bus ride away and worth an afternoon. I think you have plenty to keep you busy without venturing so far.

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Turkheim is my favorite medieval village and an easy train ride from Colmar.

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Note the official spelling in French is Turckheim. "Türkheim" is the spelling in German (with a 'ü', not a 'u'), but if you look that up you will probably get the Türkheim in Bavaria.