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Day 1. Paris to Limoges

We plan to take an early train from Paris to Orleans. Pick up rental car and drive to Bourges and then to Limoges. Q1, Which train station in Paris ? Q2, How many hours will this take (without considering stopping to explore Orleans or Bourges ) ?

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around one an hour from Gare d'Austerlitz taking just over an hour. Not exactly one an hour, some more, some less, around xx:27 most hours. First one is 6:27.

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If it's not too rude, is there any special reason why you're picking up the car at Orleans? Trains from the same station run from Paris to Limoges, and there are hire locations for all the major trains in Limoges.

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Since I posted the original question I have discovered the basic tool that answers my question. Simply (duh) search for "time and distance" for, "starting point" to the "destination", and like magic, it appears.