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Daily Reminder in RS PARIS edition 23

Does anyone know if the Daily Reminders about when popular sites are closed in Paris is still accurate?

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They are probably the same as I don't think most have changed thru the years.. I've got a 2015 Paris guide on my Kindle app but I can't find the list of closure days on it right quick.

Most are closed either Monday or Tuesday. D'Orsay is Monday, Louvre is Tuesday, lol. All the City of Paris Museums (free admission) are closed on Mondays.

Which museums are you interested in and will you be there over a Monday and Tuesday?

editing to add: Here is a link to the Paris Convention and Visitors Bureau site with a comprehensive list so you can check against Rick's list. It does not look like it's been updated recently since it lists the Carnavalet as closed until 2019 and it actually reopened in 2021, lol. It also does not show the Cluny as closed for reno and it target reopening in the spring.

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You should check each place you want to visit. I am sure 99% of them are correct, but I would want to be 100% sure.

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I agree with Kim. There may be lingering COVID effects, especially early this year. I did some research last summer on sights in northern Italy and found that many places were closed an extra one or two days a week at that point. The ones most affected were open only on weekends or something like Fri-Sun. The places with really severely abbreviated days of operation tended to be not the busiest/most popular places, but I also observed reduced hours. (I will say that has been going on with the Smithsonian museums here in Washington DC, as well.) It really doesn't take long to hit the museum websites and find the "Visit Us" information; I highly recommend doing that. It would be a shame to spend precious travel time going to a museum only to find it closed. I believe there are some historic sights (not speaking of Paris here, just in general) that may not have reopened yet because they are cramped and social distancing is just not possible.

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I believe that some of the museums have shortened their hours, especially the evening hours.