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D-Day Tour for 14 year old son or entire Family

We are trying to figure out logistics of a trip to see the D-Day beaches in Normandy. My son is almost 14 and has been studying WW2 and the landings. The trip will either be just the two of us OR we may bring the whole family (husband, daughter-11, and son-6). Does anyone have tour recommendations that would be family friendly and I recognize the recommendations may be different if it is just he and I vs the whole family. The idea of a private tour is appealing as I would assume if something is of particular interest he can spend additional time. A guide or tour that is interactive and engaging is a must. I truly appreciate any and all suggestions!
Thank you!

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If your son has been studying WWII and the D-day liberation, he probably has a good idea of the lay of the land for the d-day activities there. The tour would likely more benefit those who haven't studied it as much (although I highly recommend all learning as much as you can before your arrive whether or not you get a tour to get more out of your visit). Regardless, I would definitely leave at least a day post-tour (or more) for your son and all to explore places they didn't get to on the tour, or those places that were of particular interest, but from which you had to hurry away due to the tour time table.

A few years back we did a self drive around the Normandy area. I would totally recommend that. We were able to see so much more and spend our time on what interested use most, as well as finding hidden gems. For example, The American Cemetery is a must, but we also went to the German Cemetery. It was such a contrast; a sad and moving commentary on the devastation of war.

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Very accurate on the use of a rental car in Normandy if you are focusing on the sites particularly of interest to you, a more efficient and flexible way in getting around.

There used to be bus # 70 leaving from opposite of the Bayeux train station to the German cemetery at La Cambe.

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A lot of people use Overlord Tours out of Bayeux, but I have no personal experience.

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Our family of four (14 & 13 year old kids included) did a private tour with Magali this summer and it was great. My husband drove and she came with us in our car. She also volunteers with the veterans a lot and is passionate about them. I would highly recommend it and I found the price competitive when you plan on a family tour. She was good about talking to and including the kids

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As someone else suggested, Overlord Tour would be a good choice either for just the two of you or the whole family. They use 6-8 passenger vans and could accommodate your entire group. They have a number of different tours available, and these can last a full day (depending on which one you choose). You'll have to contact them to find out which one would cover the areas you most want to see - .

Depending on your budget, you could also have a look at.....

The guides are extremely knowledgeable and I'm sure they would be able to answer any questions your son has. Many of them are ex-military and they live in Normandy so they're very familiar with all the historic sites. Some have taken D-Day veterans on tours, so they have information that's not in any history books.