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Crazy multi-part south of france inquiry!

Spending a week in Provence. We've been to Arles, Aix, etc before so we may or may not hit some of the big attractions (Pont Du Gard, etc), but we are taking the teenagers this time. Would greatly appreciate any thoughts on the following:

1) We are family of cooks, so any foodie ideas, cooking, otherwise?

2) Thinking of spending some time on the coast (in July), but don't want to be in a place with hordes of casinos, people, and gaudy trinkets. Are there any reasonably quaint towns between Marseille and Toulon worth spending a couple of nights?

3) Any small towns that are perfect home bases in the heart of Provence? We stayed in a hamlet to the west of Nimes last time....loved the place, but it was hard to find groceries and a little too far off the beaten path. That said, we are still game for a few nights in Gordes, Roussillion, etc if the experience is memorable.

4) One last off the wall idea....we have toyed with doing a week split between San Sebastion / Dordogne or Normandy / Northern France since my wife and I have been to Provence before. For the well-seasoned France traveller, would love to get your thoughts!

Thanks all.

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