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To be honest, I have found Italian a solid "go-to" in many European cities, easy to find a top quality place, usually reasonably priced. The quality is usually well above what you get in the US, lots of Italians it seems move out of Italy for job opportunities and open restaurants.

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Mon Dieu! The food may be good, but what about the waiters? Are they French or Italian?

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"but what about the waiters? Are they French or Italian"

Based on my small sample of Italian restaurants in Paris and on my abysmal language skills in both French and Italian, most seem to speak Italian. Which in turn makes me mangle language even further when I ask for my pizza to be pas de fromage/senza formaggio.

Italian is always my go to for a good vegan meal.

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Only downside -- on my first European trip we had pizza on London (with Cheddar cheese!) then Italian food in Paris so by the time we were in Italy we wanted something else

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There’s quite an Italian expat contingent here, and many in the food business. I believe the article references that. So it’s not infrequent to have servers who are Italian.

My husband’s favorite Italo-Parisian pizzeria is mentioned in that article, but not mine (phew!).

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Read that article this morning. We “discovered” a great Italian place in the 7th last spring and wee delighted that their only two languages were French and Italian. After years of eating in Italy I can attest it was authentic but creative. It wasn’t in the NYT article, thank goodness!

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I agree – Paris has some wonderful Italian restaurants. As I am not a fussy French foodie (but do like roast chicken :-), I often eat in Italian restaurants in Paris. This past trip we stumbled on one – moments after saying we felt like a good bowl of pasta – and it was the best bolognese I've ever had outside of Italy! (and everyone spoke Italian, only one woman working there spoke Engish as well).