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cpap, sleeping mask

I am trying to find where you can rent a CPAP, sleeping mask, in Paris, France for 8 days? We are leaving March 24, 2015. Thank you, Edward Hodge

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Edward, I would suggest doing a Google search, there are certainly places in Paris that address this need.

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Just wondering how the cold-sterilization practices in France compare to North American practices. The US has had some revelations regarding cold sterilization of endoscopic gear.

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Never heard of renting. People lug their own, mostly machines the size of laptop computers. Your machine should be dual voltage, requiring only a plug adaptor. You need to check with the manufacturer about voltage.
Again, check with your dealer for a list of companies in Paris that supply your model. Storefront sales are handled a little differently in France than in the States. I had to call a companies' headquarters in France once to get a list of dealers to replace a hose. Couldn't track down a storefront in Paris, though I have French friends who use machines; theirs are supplied through doctors. We went to the largest medical supply pharmacy in Paris next to the St. Lazare train station, but they didn't carry any c-pap supplies, lots of Dr. Scholl stuff, crutches, and walkers, though.

On the other hand, you can find private companies online that mail order delivery of masks, hoses, etc. in France, the same as in the States.

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My husband carries his CPAP on the plane. As a medical device, it doesn't even count as a carry-on.

The case is the size of a shoebox. It holds the CPAP and all its accessories, a multi-outlet European extension cord, plug adapters and all the meds he needs for our typical month-long trips.

On our last trip, he decided to take only that bag and his RS convertible backpack. When I refused to add his iPad to my load, he discovered that he could fit it in that same bag with everything else.

Since he got it, my husband uses it every night, no matter where we are. He would never leave home without it. We make sure all the equipment and accessories are in good shape before we go. Fortunately, he has never had a CPAP malfunction.

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My sister took her CPAP with her on our trip a couple of years ago. She had no problem with TSA, the airline or any hotel we stayed in. Everyone was very accommodating about it, and as mentioned above, did not count as a carry-on since it is a medical device. I think she slept the best of everyone on our trip!!

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Just got back from 17 days in Paris, Lucerne, Florence, Salerno. Took my VPAP with me. No problem whatsoever, although I had it with me as a carry-on. It would be insane to check it through in my opinion. Brought a dual voltage power strip for the VPAP and other electricals (phones, camera, etc.) and never looked back.

I did, however, get a new, smaller machine about 3 months before our trip. I had the old one for about 5 years, and insurance paid for most of it. Disassembled & packed away in its own carry-all, it was about the size and weight of a laptop, and this was including a humidifier. Smaller by about 40%.

As spec-sensitive a CPAP is for each individual user, I can't imagine trying to find something abroad to meet those specs.

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Try Air Liquide - they are a French company.

In Australia they have a rental service (try before you buy)

As mentioned by Jay, the machine must be adjusted to your requirements so you would need some documentation from a sleep specialist to allow them to do this. I could see it being a time consuming exercise.

I have a CPAP and it goes everywhere with me, always as carry on, I want to know where it is at all times.