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Covid19 testing in paris

Does anyone know of a good pharmacy in the Latin quarter paris? Need a Covid-19 antigen test for re-entry to US. Reading lots of negative pharmacy reviews online. I leave Saturday May 27 at noon. Any help is much appreciated. Thank you fellow travelers.

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I saved this from someone else in the Forum:

If need a doctor
Testing is done at either a pharmacy or medical lab, not at a hotel.
There are 4 locations which can administer Antigen tests at the airport. Costs are set by the government at no more than 25€, but I have heard of price gouging at the airport.
You can set up an appointment using or just use it for the contact/address information.
In the Doctolib search window type: Dépistage COVID-19 test antigénique
Under location (Où ?): enter (for CDG): Roissy-en-France
You can also use any of the self testing procedures approved by the US government.

We are also staying in the Latin Quarter, and when I looked, I found this option:
Pharmacie Bader
10-12 Boulevard Saint-Michel
75006 Paris
When I last checked, they seemed to have appointments every 5 mins, every day except Sunday

We just returned from Paris on Friday. Got our Covid tests at a pharmacy on Rue Saint-Sulpice, not far from the Latin quarter. No appointment was needed. The woman who helped us knew exactly what we needed. We were both tested, got certificates, and were out in less than 30 minutes with a QR code in email shortly thereafter, all for 38 Euros for both. I think most of the pharmacies are doing it.

When you check-in for your flight, ask them about the Covid test if they don’t ask you. We weren’t asked and had a minor problem at the gate until we whipped out the certificates. Apparently, they are supposed to put a green sticker on the back of your passport.

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Tomorrow afternoon (Thursday) walk around your neighborhood and go in to the nearest pharmacy which will be marked with a green cross. Ask if you need an appointment for an Antigen test or Test Antigenique for Friday. As mentioned they will know exactly what you want. They will either set up an appointment or tell you just to come in on Friday. When I tested in October I went in as early as I could so I didn't disrupt my touring day, lol.

With your noon departure you can test ANY time on Friday - it is one day, not 24 hours.

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Most pharmacies had signage for antigen testing. We walked in no res no problem. Not really anything to stress about. Brad

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Thank you everyone for all the Covid-19 testing info.
I went to the Latin Quarter pharmacie and they were great 5 stars! Explained the process, swabbed, and received negative test all in about 15 minutes. 25 euros per test, given a certificate with digital code. Make sure you have your passports so they can enter your info into system. Great service. Terrific employees!
Sincerely, Kathy