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Covid Testing Prior to Flight

I can imagine this topic has been discussed for ever and ever ..

We are planning to travel in 2023. i am spending time presently acquiring an understanding of all things necessary to travel to France.

So - my question is: the antigen test that has to be done prior to travel - I would think that taking the test 48 hours in advance would cover any issues with flight delays - leaving the country.

The 48 hours applies to your departure time only- and you have to figure in the time difference as well?

So, for example - if my flight leaves from Newark, NJ at 7:00 pm - I would figure 48 hours prior to the departure. Does the 48 hours affect the time you land in France?

I imagine that the local drugstore - CVS or Walgreens can provide the test and necessary documentation.

I apologize for my rambling - hope this all makes sense --


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but for a whole year and more from now - who knows. Don't worry.

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What Nigel said. No point in wasting any brain cells right now on testing regulations for 2023.

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I wouldn’t be too concerned with this at the moment — it will all be different in 2023 — one way or another….

PS - for anybody wondering about the 48 hours and flight delays…. I am traveling next week and just read through everything on Delta’s site carefully. The test timing says “48 before first embarkation point”. Further, in regards to flight delays: “ If the delay is more than 24 hours, you are required to retest. For connections, if your trip is delayed by 48 hours or less due to a situation outside of your control, you are not required to be retested. If the delay is more than 48 hours, you are required to retest.” And yes, CVS or Walgreens can provide the correct test and documentation (I just made an appointment for ours). *note that when you make an appointment, the website says something to the effect of “test may not be valid for all travel”. This is because some countries require a PCR test rather than an antigen test. France (and US) only require antigen.

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Ihcal, it’s too early to worry about it. I leave Aug 31 for my trip and haven’t paid a lot of attention to the constantly changing rules. I’ll worry about them a few months before departure. I understand your concern. I’m an overplanner and want to know everything.

There is a concurrent thread that will answer some of your questions.

Have fun planning your trip. Keep asking questions.

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Many thanks for your help - I won't worry too much - now - hope that the future brings an easier process for all of this!

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My fingers are crossed that by 2023 if testing is still a "thing" that they will be easier to obtain, especially out here in the hinterlands.

For France, the current rule is your test must be taken 48 hours before your departure flight (some countries go by arrival but France does not).

"If already vaccinated, you shall present proof of your vaccination status and a sworn statement certifying the absence of COVID-19 symptoms and of any contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19. You shall present the transport company and border authorities with a negative PCR or antigen test taken less than 48 hears prior to departure (departure of first flight in case of connecting flights)"

The best advice I have is to follow the forum, generally for now but when you are a year out, focused on things as they change in France. Also follow the actual French government site:

And this site is excellent as well (and an easy way to waste time, lolol!!) issues at all getting a return Covid test in France at this time. Much easier to do it there than here.

You're getting excited, aren't you?

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For the record, the French rule has been within xx hours before your departure for France.

Other countries have different rules (the test must be within xx hours of your arrival there). That is not how France has ever requested it, no matter what the length of time has been.

For example, when I came back to France from being home from Christmas, I had a Friday 1 pm flight from Tulsa to catch a 5:45 flight from Atlanta to Paris.

I had to have my test within the 48 hours prior to my Friday 1 pm flight — so I could take my test any time after 1 pm on Wednesday.

Obviously things can change between now and your departure, but I wanted to clear up the wrong information being given above which will be seen by people who are currently traveling or will be traveling soon.