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Covid test in Paris to fly back to the US?

How easy or difficult is it to get a Covid test in Paris before flying back to the US? We can get those Abbott kits in the US before we leave ($35.00), but I am hearing that there are tents all around the city and it's easy to get a test (and more like 25 Euro).
Thoughts? Suggestions?

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Testing places are everywhere, but lines are getting longer these days because unvaccinated folks bascially need testing every 2-3 days if they are to go to the movies, to a museum...and to the restaurant starting in early August.
If a self-testing kit is easy to pack and valid for US entry, then that's what I would do! And if the test fails for some reason, you will have plenty of backup options in Paris.

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Are these self-tests the ones you are supposed to have a healthcare person observing to make it valid for use?

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I am near Bastille/Marais - there are pharmacies on every corner and most do testing. I haven’t seen lines at any testing sites.

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Thanks Sandra! We are staying at the Holiday Inn near Gar du Lyon and I think that's Bastille. If that's the case, then we should be all set!

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We've stayed there before, and it's close to the train station. and we can get two rooms (we have teenagers) for the price of one elsewhere. It's just for one night.

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Also be careful on the home tests. I've seen some other people post that Walgreens or CVS sell them in a version that doesn't come with the observation which I hear is not acceptable. I thought about doing one but I called the company and although Delta is listed on their site - Delta did not have them as a recommendation. When I called they could not state that Delta would accept their test or not so I decided just to find a place locally. Hopefully that won't be too difficult.

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I don't think this is 100% necessary but I'm a planner, so I booked antigen tests in advance for our group at Pharmacie Saint Gilles (near to our B&B). I booked using the Doctolib website and it was super simple and gives me some peace of mind.

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We're using the Emed ones on Delta as well. Ellume is Delta's "Recommended partner", but I have verified that we are still able to use the Abbott BinaxNOW home testing kit.,which are CDC approved. You have to buy 6/$150 (the ones at Walgreens, CVS, etc.. are not the right ones as they are not done over a virtual format). We have 6 people so this worked out perfect for us for our return to U.S. in mid August-I actually bought 2 6 packs just in case there is an issue with anything.

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How do the eMed tests work in terms of who accepts them? I am flying Icelandic air. Who checks the results and are they universally accepted?

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We just got back from a week in Paris, and the COVID test requirement was one of our biggest worries. It turned out to be very simple, very fast, and very convenient.
We were in the 7th not too far from Rue Cler, and there are pharmacies all over. Many (most if not all) have signs in French indicating whether or not they are performing COVID testing. Also, there is generally further information on the type of test and the turn-around time.
My wife walked in to the nearest one and asked the pharmacist, and was told they did not do the testing, but the one a block down Rue Bosquet did, so we dropped in to that one, she spoke to one of their pharmacists (in English mostly), and he explained the process.
Here is what it was for us:
1) Scan a QR code that directs to a website (Internet access required);
2) Fill out the fields on the website and receive a confirmation number to show the pharmacist;
3) Get in line at the pharmacy (5 mins), show the pharmacist the confirmation number, and indicate you want the rapid antigen test;
4) Pay ~29 Euros (if not covered by French healthcare) and receive a receipt to hand to the test personnel;
5) In our case, go outside to the test tent, hand the tech the receipt, get swabbed, and then go about your day;
6) 30 minutes later (for antigen testing), check your e-mail and see the results.
As it was a PDF result file, I just then later submitted it through the United "Travel Ready" site, and we were good to go a couple days later for our flight home.

In other words, it was super-easy to do and should not be a worry if you are in a city like Paris (and likely most medium towns).

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Tom - Thank you very much for the clear breakdown of the testing in Paris. Very helpful!

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Thanks Tom! We will be in Paris in two weeks so your overview is very helpfulness!