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Countryside France suggestions from Paris and itinerary check

Hi everyone! I would like to ask for advice for my itinerary. For our trip, we have a round trip ticket from Singapore to Barcelona (promotional fare so we can't do open jaw flights).

We have decided to explore Amsterdam/Brussels, Paris/MSM and Barcelona/Girona to get a feel of some of the main cities and attractions. Sorry to be abit touristy!

We are hoping to have enough time to explore Paris and Barcelona fully (sightseeing, museum hopping, eating).

I would really love to visit the French countryside and vineyard but we can’t squeeze in it. Guess it has to be another trip for more in-depth coverage of France. And maybe I will get glimpse of the countryside during the train ride from Paris to Barcelona?

Any advice for short day trips from Paris to experience countryside/quieter France from the city crowds? My friend suggested Auvers-sur-Oise. Any other?

Day 1 - 20 Oct Fri: Barcelona airport fly to Amsterdam

Day 2 - 21 Oct Sat: Amsterdam Day 1

Day 3 - 22 Oct Sun: Amsterdam Day 2

Day 4 -23 Oct Mon: Amsterdam to Brussels (Thalys train)

Day 5 - 24 Oct Tue: Brussels

Day 6 - 25 Oct Wed: Brussels to Paris (Thalys train)

Day 7 - 26 Oct Thurs: Paris (Disneyland)

Day 8 - 27 Oct Fri: Paris Day 1 (using museum pass)

Day 9 - 28 Oct Sat: Paris Day 2 (using museum pass)

Day 10 - 29 Oct Sun: Paris – MSM (MSM overnight)

Day 11 - 30 Oct Mon: MSM – Paris

Day 12 - 31 Oct Tue: Paris Day 3

Day 13 – 1 Nov Wed Paris Day 4

Day 14 – 2 Nov Thur: Paris – Barcelona (TGV train)

Day 15 – 3 Nov Fri: Barcelona

Day 16 – 4 Nov Sat: Girona Sant Narcis Festival

Day 17 – 5 Nov Sun: Girona – Barcelona

Day 18 – 6 Nov Mon: Barcelona

Day 19 – 7 Nov Tue: Barcelona

Day 20 – 8 Nov Wed: Barcelona

Day 21 – 9 Nov Thurs: Flying out of Barcelona


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If you are taking the train or a bus to Mont St. Michel, you will see a lot of countryside!

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Your pace seems fine. Girona is very nice, even aside from the festival. I hope you'll have time to walk the streets of the old town and the wall. The two cathedrals are worthwhile visits, and the museum is very good.

Most people who have been to Belgium (I have not) seem to feel that Brussels is not its most interesting city. When I eventually get there, I'll be focusing on Ghent, Antwerp and Bruges.

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There are several books of walks in the small towns outside of Paris that may be of interest to you. These re organized as day-trips: Take the train to here, walk this route, food available here, return.

Some are more urban while others more rural.

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If you take the Loire Valley Castles day trip given by Paris CityVision Tours, you will get to see three of the very best chateaux and a good bit of country. Departs from just a couple of blocks north of the Louvre. I took this trip after 7 days in Paris and I thought it was a great value.